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Access to Learning Platform letter

14 March 2016

Dear Parents/Carers


Learning Platform – Purple Mash


As part of our curriculum all children have access to our Learning Platform. 


The Learning Platform is an online area for the children which has useful links, information and the use of online messaging.  The children use the Learning Platform within computing lessons and Year 1 and 2 children are familiar with

using it. 


From the Learning Platform all children can access a website called Purple Mash

which there is a link within their Year Group area.  Purple Mash is a website where each of the children have their own area.  They can access programs such as:

  • 2paint
  • 2code
  • 2writeastory

These are familiar programs to the children.  The children are able to save their work and come back to it at a later time.  Teachers can leave comments on the work that

the children do and can monitor the use of it.  The teachers may set your child a task

to do on Purple Mash either within a lesson or to complete at home.  They will have more information on this within their homework folders in the coming weeks.


To access both the Learning Platform and Purple Mash the children have a username and password (see attached).  The children have the same username and password

for both websites and need to go to the Learning Platform to then access

Purple Mash.


The more children become familiar with logging onto these websites and using the programs the quicker their computing skills will improve.  We value and appreciate your support with this work and hope that the children enjoy using the websites at home.


Yours sincerely

G Turner (Mrs)