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Apple Day

14 October 2016

TO:      All Parents/Carers                                                                      



Dear Parent/Carers


Apple Day on Friday 21 October 2016


As previously notified in our Autumn 2016 Term Newsletter, Crawley Green will again be participating in Apple Day being held next Friday 21 October 2016.


The first Apple Day was held on 21 October 1990 and on Apple Day we celebrate the many varieties of apples we grow in our country.  We also remember how important it is to look after our old orchards and plant new ones.  Sadly, many of our apple trees are being cut down. It is a day when we can decorate an apple and give it to a friend.  In Britain we can grow the best apples in the world and Britain has grown more than 6000 varieties of apples. 


Any donations of English apples would be appreciated.


The children will have fun with apple games on the 21 October, for example:


*   Apple Tasting                        *   Apple Bobbing

*   Apple Hide and Seek             *   Make an apple book, hat or necklace

*   Pin the maggot on the apple


   and many more ….


Yours sincerely


G Turner (Mrs)