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February 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

                                                                              Online Safety Bags

As you are probably aware online safety is a very important issue and we are keen to promote it both in and out of school.

As a way to encourage discussion around online safety at home we will once again be sending out our online safety bags. The bags are different for each year group as a way to move the children’s learning on each year.

The bags include information sheets, recommended books and a magazine to read. It has a book to read and discuss together and a corresponding cuddly toy. Also included in the bag is a book for you and your child to write down any top tips, favorite websites that your children have or questions concerning online safety that we could discuss at school as part of our computing curriculum.


The online safety bag will be with you for one night, please then return it to school for it to be passed onto the next child. You are free to keep everything within the plastic wallet.


I hope you find this bag useful and provides you and your child an opportunity to discuss online safety.


Yours sincerely


G Turner (Mrs)