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Gallery of our displays. September 2017

Picture 1 Our value is Friendship
Picture 2 Year 2 letters to Hamish the cat.
Picture 3 Red class created this sea scene
Picture 4 Wanted for Red Class
Picture 5 Blue Class letters to Hamish the cat
Picture 6 Gold class learnt about the Good Samaritan
Picture 7 Gold class Pop Art
Picture 8 Square class has been learning about Shapes
Picture 9 Circle class Autumn phoneme trees
Picture 10 Circle class has been investigating colours
Picture 11 Construction projects in circle class
Picture 12 Circle class Selfies
Picture 13 Triangle class are learning about shapes
Picture 14 Triangle class have painted self-portraits
Picture 15 Year 1 have been learning about shades and colour
Picture 16 Year2 Self-portraits
Picture 17 Yellow class have written about Autumn
Picture 18 Yellow class have written about Autumn
Picture 19 Yellow class has been learning facts about animals
Picture 20 Yellow class star writiers
Picture 21 Orange class welcome