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Letter on Punctuality



Monday 31 October 2016



Dear Parents/Carers




During the last half term many children were arriving late for school, a few children are regularly late.


The beginning of the day is an extremely important time for your child.  When late, a child misses important information and also has the embarrassment of walking into a class that has already started work.  Learning the importance of punctuality is a life skill needed throughout our lives. 


It is your responsibility as parents/carers to ensure that your child arrives at school on time every day.  The responsibility to ensure regular attendance and punctuality for your child is featured in the Home/ School Agreement that you agreed to.


  • Years 1 and 2     Must be in the classroom and ready to start

the day by 8.55 am


  • Year R                 Must be at school when the doors open at

9.00 am


Lateness is monitored by the school and by the Education Welfare Officer -  regular school register checks are carried out and in cases of constant lateness either letters are sent out or meetings arranged to discuss your child’s poor punctuality.


If you are late and come to the Front Office the staff will be asking you for

the reason and this will be recorded.


Your support and co-operation on this matter is vital.


Yours sincerely



G Turner (Mrs)