Our value this half term is DETERMINATION.
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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

RE, Collective Worship, PSHE and Values Education

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to begin sending home newsletters about the work going on in school in relation to collective worship, Religious Education, and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development.

Collective Worship

During October/November the value we are thinking about is ‘Sharing.’ We will be thinking about  sharing and caring at home and school, sharing food– harvest & fair trade.

Questions to discuss at home include:

What do you understand by the term


What can we learn from people who go out of their way to share with others’?

Do you think it is brave or generous to share your ideas with people ?

What do our faiths teach about ‘sharing’ ?

What can we do when we see someone is struggling to share?



What is a harvest festival?

Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food grown on the land. Thanksgiving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest are both worldwide and very

ancient. In Britain, we have given thanks for successful harvests since Pagan times. We have celebrated this day for years by singing, praying and decorating our churches with baskets of fruit and food in a festival known as ‘Harvest Festival.’

On Monday 19th October we celebrated our Harvest Festival, which was led by Mrs Willmott and Mrs Crawley (R.E coordinator.)  Mrs Willmott explained all about harvest, how the food we harvest comes from the Earth.  She also talked about the Farm Africa project that we are supporting in school and how some people in the world are at risk of starving and explained that is why it is important for us to share our food. We listened to a prayer read by Mrs Crawley and sang a hymn.

 Thank you parents/carers or all your generous donations of food gifts. We had families donate tins and packets and even whole baskets. This year the food stuffs will be distributed to the Stopsley Baptist project, who support local people and charities in need. They  will be collecting your kind donations on Thursday 21st October.

                Faith Celebrations in October/ November

Sept 27th-4th October :Sukkot-  Jewish

A Jewish harvest festival commemorating the 40 years that the Jews spent in the wilderness on the way from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land. A temporary hut with a roof covered only with branches– called a Sukkah– is used during the festival

4th October– St Francis Day-Christian

13th– 22nd October: Navaratri-     Hindu

Navaratri is a nine day festival of music and dance . Navarati means ‘nine lights.’  This festival is devoted to Durga, the Goddess of Motherhood. Navarati symbolises the triumph of good over evil and marks the start of Autumn

14th October: Al-hijra– Islamic New Year

Al-Hijra is the Islamic New Year, celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina. The holiday is also called simply Muharram.

20th October: Birth of Guru Granth Sahib -Sikh

22nd October: Dasara—Hindu- Festival of warriors

31st October: All Hallows’ Eve—National/Secular

1st November– All Saints Day– Christian

2nd November– All Souls Day– Christian

8th November– Remembrance Sunday– National

The Sunday nearest to Armistice Day, devoted to remembering the dead of the two World wars and subsequent wars.

11th November– Armistice Day—Multifaith

11th November– Diwali– Hindu New Year. The most important date in the Hindu calendar. Festival of light.  In Year 1 our pupils will be learning all about Diwali. Look out for the displays in Year 1. Mrs Wilmott will also be organising Asian Food Afternoons around the time of Diwali and this will be for every year group.




Children are given tokens in school if they display the value of the month. Last month  159 tokens were given for our value– Friendship.

The children can then place their tokens into one of two tubs to vote for a treat at the end of the month. Last month the school chose to have an extra golden time, which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Achievements outside of school

We really love to hear about your childs’ personal achievements outside of school. If your child has something they would like to share with us such as a swimming award, football medal, dancer of the week certificate , then please do send it in.

Mrs Reynolds will be available on a Monday morning to meet with your child and give them a sticker. If you would like their achievement to be displayed we also have a ‘Good News ’ board by the hall , so please feel free to send in photographs or copies of certificates/awards for us to stick up on the board.

Well done to Isabella Niamph this month. She was awarded a Blue Peter badge for caring for the environment and nature. Her photograph is on the good news board.


If you have any further comments or suggestions please speak or write to Mrs Reynolds (Deputy Headteacher) or Mrs Crawley (R.E Coordinator)


Many thanks-   Mrs L Reynolds & Mrs S Crawley