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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Reading and Phonics

Phonics is taught at Crawley Green using Letters and Sounds which is a systematic Phonics Teaching resource. This is taught in carefully planned and structured phonic lessons that take place daily throughout the school.

Letters and Sounds is made up of 6 phases. These are expected to be taught during the following years: Reception- Phases 2, 3, and 4, Year 1- Phases 4 and 5, Year 2- Phases 5 and 6.

Ongoing phonic assessment tracks progress and intervention is given when required.

Children are gradually taught the ‘tricky’ words as they move through the phases.

Children apply their phonic knowledge across the curriculum in their reading and their writing.

We support parents in helping their children with phonics by offering information booklets, curriculum newsletters, curriculum information on the website, Reception classes open mornings and by offering Family learning sessions on Foundation Stage curriculum and KS1 Literacy. Year One parents are invited to a phonic workshop to share information on the phonic screening check.

From the start of school we aim to develop children’s love of books and reading. This is done through exposure to a rich environment of language, books and storytelling. The children build their vocabulary and explore creative language.

Children read individually to a member of staff regularly. They take reading books home and parents are encouraged to write comments in their record book. They also take a library book home to share and enjoy. Our reading books are banded by colour and are from a range of schemes including Oxford Reading Tree. The children are encouraged to be independent in their reading and visit the library to choose their own book within colour band.

The school recognises that children do not all learn to read in the same way and although systematic phonics teaching is in place and vital to most, children are also taught to use other reading skills such as word recognition and picture clues.

The school recognises reading achievement in our celebration assembly. We encourage reading for fun by running a weekly reading club at lunchtime. Our able readers are invited to join our owls group where longer and more challenging texts are read together.

Pupils who are below reading expectations are heard to read more often. Intervention groups are closely tracked and regularly reviewed and changed accordingly to meet the pupil’s needs.