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Suncream and hat


Dear Parents/Carers

As summer seems to have arrived at last may I remind you all of several things to ensure your child’s comfort and safety during the warmer weather.


  • It is a good idea to send a sunhat or cap to school on sunny days to protect your child’s head.   Crawley Green baseball caps, suitable for girls or boys,

are available from the school office for only £3.00.   In addition to our base-ball caps we also have legionnaire-style caps with the flap at the back to protect children’s necks from the sun at the reasonable cost of £3.50.


  • We like children to bring to school plain, still water only, in clearly named bottles throughout the year but it is even more important in summer to

avoid dehydration.   Bottles may be refilled at school if necessary.


  • Please apply sun cream to your child before school.   If you would like him/ her to bring sun cream to school, please send a small bottle, clearly labelled with your child’s name and class – only if your child is confident to apply the cream to their own face/arms/legs themselves.


  • Please ensure that your child is wearing sensible footwear to school.     Sandals should not be “strappy” or open-toed and all shoes should be flat.


  • We only allow children to bring sunglasses if they are prescription ones that have been fitted professionally and the sunglasses are not cheap “toy” ones

which provide very little protection and break very easily.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Yours sincerely

G Turner (Mrs)