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Switch off Fortnight


Most people take “energy” for granted.

Crawley Green is taking part in the annual “Switch off Fortnight”- an Energy campaign run by “The Pod”- EDF Energy’s award winning education programme.


Two of the main aims of the programme is to inspire young people and their families to make good choices towards a more sustainable lifestyle and to help children from an early age understand that by all of us ‘doing our bit’ for our environment  we don’t destroy our most precious resource, the planet.

The eco team have presented an “Energy” assembly to the whole school, and daily carry out their role as “Energy Detectives” by recording any electrical items left on in classrooms. Meters are read before and after the fortnight – readings are then displayed on a graph and results shown in the next eco assembly.

We will let you know if we save any energy – in the meantime why don’t you switch on to ‘‘Switching Off’’ and log on to  and play some of the interactive games, get lots of interesting information and save energy too!