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Victorian Toy Day


11 October 2016



TO:  The Parents/Carers of Children in Year 1



Dear Parents/Carers


Victorian Toy Day


During this half term the children in Year 1 have been learning all about the general life of a Victorian childhood in their history work.


Next Tuesday 18 October 2016 the children will have an opportunity to make three simple Victorian toys.


To get into the spirit of the day the girls and boys are encouraged

to dress up in Victorian school clothing, but please do not go to the expense of buying clothing for the occasion.  They could wear simple outfits as follows:


Girls         Skirt and top, shawl (if you have one)

                        Dark shoes, socks/tights

                        Long hair tied back with ribbons

                        No ear-rings


Boys        School trousers tucked into plain dark socks

                        White shirt/t-shirt

                        Waistcoat and cap (if you have them)

Yours sincerely



G Turner (Mrs)