Our value this half term is DETERMINATION.
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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Year 1

Year One News Letter


Spring Term 2016




This term the children will continue adding and subtracting one digit and two digit numbers to 20 and sometimes beyond. They will be using objects, pictures and number lines to help them. We shall be describing ways to solve problems involving number, and measurement orally or by using pictures. The children will be grouping and sharing small numbers and finding simple fractions of objects. We will also be learning to measure, compare and describe length, weight, capacity and time.




We shall be covering the topic of ‘Exploring Materials’ this term. This will include naming and describing materials and talking about their properties. The children will also be looking at materials with the following properties; waterproof, absorbent, transparent and opaque. We will also be comparing and grouping materials. We will also be looking at the signs of spring within our seasonal change topic.




In English this term we will be exploring traditional stories and learning to recognise the beginning, middle and end. The children will be using improvisation and role play to act out these stories and will have the opportunity to write the story in their own words. In our non-fiction writing we will be learning how to structure reports, instructions and recounts. We will be composing and writing simple sentences, using capital letters and full stops. There will continue to be regular opportunities for the children to read, both individually and in groups. 




Within the topic of ‘We are Storytellers’ the children will use sound recording equipment to record sounds to enhance a story. They will work collaboratively to record a talking story of their own. After half term our topic will be ‘Photo Collages’, during which pupils will learn to capture images and then import these, along with accompanying text, to create their personal collage.




This term will have a focus on famous events in British history. This will include learning about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London, our current Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 1. The children will be having

a visit from a theatre group where Samuel Pepys will retell his story.   






In geography the children will be studying the UK and other countries in Europe. We will be learning about the different countries that make up the United Kingdom and identifying prominent physical features. We will be using atlases and globes and begin to use directional language.



R.E. (Religious Education)

This term we will be covering the topic of ‘Who is a Christian and what do they believe?’ The children will have the opportunity to share ideas, listen to stories from the bible and look at some Christian artefacts. They will have opportunities to ask enquiring questions and reflect upon their ideas.




In design technology we will be recognising, naming and tasting a variety of fruit. The children will be learning about basic food handling processes and that fruit and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. We will be designing and making our own super fruit salad.  




We will be investigating timbre, pitch, volume and tempo this term. The children will be using their voices then a range of percussion instrument to create different sounds. They will be naming the instruments and finding different ways to play them.



P.E. (Physical Education)

In P.E. for the first half of the term the children will be making shapes in gymnastics. They will be learning to use different levels and speeds as well as making straight and curved lines with their bodies. In the second part of the term the focus will be on dance, where they will be selecting and combining short sequences of movements. 




Our topic in art is fruit and vegetables and we will be looking at the work of Andy Warhol. Thinking about line and shape we will be using different medium to draw still life pictures of fruit and vegetables. The children will also be printing and using clay to create models.  



P.S.H.C.E. (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)

During this term we will be thinking about the New Year as being a fresh start, and making our New Year’s resolutions.  We will then be thinking about the environment, and how we can help to by saving water and energy and recycling our rubbish. After half term, our focus will be on our health and well-being, including the importance of exercise and a balanced diet in maintaining our physical health.