Our value this half term is DETERMINATION.
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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Year 1


Summer Term 2016



In maths this term the children will be counting forwards and backwards in twos, fives and tens.  They will be recognising patterns in the number system and will read, write and compare numbers.  They will order numbers and position them on a number track and develop their awareness of place value.  The children will be finding the difference between small numbers.  They will be solving problems involving counting, adding, subtracting, doubling or halving in the context of numbers, measures or money.  The children will be communicating their answers and representing information in lots of different ways with an emphasis on the children explaining their methods.



This term the children will be learning about plants. We will be identifying, describing and naming a variety of common plants found in the surrounding area. We will be looking at the life cycle of a flowing plant and observe growth and changes. The children will be investigating what plants need to survive and grow.  We will also be naming and recognising different trees and classifying them as evergreen or deciduous.



This term the children will look at the structure of non-fiction texts. The children will be learning how to write a report, this will involve learning and researching a topic and then putting the information in report format. They will be punctuating their independent writing. In the second part of the term the children will have opportunities to explore poetry in different forms. The children will continue to develop their phonic knowledge and apply this in their reading and writing. There will be ongoing regular opportunities for both individual reading and guided reading.



In our computing lessons the children will be using a coding app where they will be able to give step-by-step instructions to make things move. They will also be learning about e-safety. In the second half of the term the children will be using their knowledge of coding to direct and move programmable toys.



We will be working on the topic of significant people in history.  The children will be finding out about the lives of famous people in the past such as Grace Darling, Mary Seacole, and Florence Nightingale.  The children’s knowledge will be enhanced through a visiting theatre group exploring Florence Nightingale.




We will be thinking about hot and cold places.  With an emphasis on the polar regions, rainforests and deserts, the children will learn about their geographical differences and draw comparisons. We will also be thinking about how animals and humans adapt to living in these environments. We will be transforming our shared ‘Rainbow Room’ area into a lush, tropical rainforest and our corridors will represent the desert and the polar regions. Please feel welcome to come in and look at these displays in the mornings when you bring your children into school, as every child in the year group will eventually have a piece of work on display as our lessons progress.

To further enhance the children’s knowledge of some of the animals from these different geographical regions we will be visiting Whipsnade Zoo after the half term break. 


R.E. (Religious Education)

This term the children will be exploring what it is to be a Muslim and their beliefs.

They will be looking at celebration within the faith and at things that matter to Muslims and to themselves. After half term the children will be thinking about how we show that we care for others.



We will be using the context of children’s playgrounds to investigate structures. The children will be designing and making a piece of playground apparatus using a variety of different materials, exploring strength and function.



This term we will be exploring instruments and thinking about how symbols can be used to create a simple music score, which can be read by others.  The children will be exploring pitch, identifying high and low sounds, using their voices, percussion instruments and recorded music. They will also be learning to identify the pulse using body percussion, voices and instruments.


P.E. (Physical Education)

Our work in PE this term mainly focuses on games.  We will be developing our throwing skills using balls and bean bags. This will be taught through a variety of paired and team games. There will also be an emphasis on running, jogging and changing directions. All of the children will also be taking part in a sports afternoon.



This term the topic will be the sea-side and the children will be looking at the beach paintings of David Hockney. We will be colour mixing to create texture and will learn to weave using card and fabric. We will also be using sea-shells to create patterns.



During this term the children will be looking at how people change as they get older, relationships and differences between themselves. We will also be learning about 

the importance of keeping clean and living a healthy lifestyle.  They will take part in discussions with a partner and with the whole class, to share opinions and explain their views.