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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Carnival fun!

The brilliant Taste of Asia event of last term was followed up earlier this week by a summer holiday Taste of the Carnival afternoon.  Again it was very ably arranged by Mandy and Zoe (initially Zoe's idea!) but very special thanks must also go to Shaquone's mum Nataki, Chi's mum and dad Julie and Franklin, Adrian's mum Melissa and many of their family friends who generously contributed food and help on the day.  I also mustn't forget Vina Patel, who 'just dropped in' but ended up staying all day to help! 

Mandy, Zoe and Vina are all true 'Crawley Greeners', members of staff who go so much further than just doing their jobs.  They contribute so much to making the school such a wonderful place.

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