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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Circle Time and Social Skills Groups

Circle Time and Social Skills groups take place regularly here at Crawley Green. They provide opportunities to enhance children’s self esteem, promote moral values, build a sense of ‘team’ and develop social skills. Children are encouraged to share thoughts and feelings and to understand, respect and help each other.


Circle Time takes place on a regular basis in all classes, involving all children. Social Skills groups usually involve about eight children and are designed for those children whom we feel are good ‘role models’ or those whom we feel might benefit from such additional opportunities. 

Rules for the sessions:


Children sit in a circle, on chairs or the carpet, so that every person can see everyone else in the circle. This encourages good eye contact, openness and honesty and makes all children feel involved.


Children and staff agree:


·     To signal if they wish to speak

·     Not to interrupt when someone is talking

·     Not to talk to anyone in a negative way

·     To have the chance to ‘pass’ if they do not wish to join in with a round, but be given a second chance at a later stage


Circle Time and Social Skills groups give all children the same rights and opportunities. They provide an opportunity to discuss concerns and work out solutions in a relaxed and enjoyable way. When children are part of the decision-making process they tend to feel valued, which raises their self-esteem. Being listened to helps each child feel unique and worthwhile.


If you have any questions about Circle Time or Social Skills groups please do not hesitate to come in and ask.