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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Feeling Safe at Crawley Green Infant School

Feeling Safe at

Crawley Green


We want children and adults to feel safe at Crawley Green Infant School.


Please help us by:

·      Making sure your child arrives on time and ensuring your child is accompanied safely onto school premises by an adult

·      Collecting your child at home time, on time and from the normal exit

·      Keeping entrances and exits clear so children can get out safely and easily see the adult collecting them

·      Parking cars safely, being aware that children may be nearby

·      Reporting to the school office if you come to school at any times other than the start or end of the day

·      Letting us know if you are going to be delayed in collecting your child so that we can reassure them

·      Telling us if you see anything suspicious or dangerous on school grounds or in the surrounding area

·      Ensuring main doors are closed securely after leaving the building


All adults have a responsibility to ensure that children are safe and happy. All pupils are expected to show consideration, courtesy and respect toward others.

Sometimes children

·      Upset each other

·      Play unsuitable games

·      Test the boundaries

·      Forget the rules

   Please help us to remind children of the school rules.

We have a duty to protect the children in our care.

If we have concerns about a child because of something they tell us, the way they behave, or through a report from someone else we usually try to discuss this with parents first. But if we feel a child needs help, or we have concerns that we cannot solve, then we have a duty to report those concerns to the Education Welfare Officer or Social Services.


Children have a right to feel safe.

In school we will talk to the children about things such as road safety, safe places to play and stranger danger. Please talk to your child about these things and together we can help keep your child safe and happy.