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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Golden Time

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Golden Time


What is Golden Time?


At Crawley Green we operate a system of reward called Golden Time for children in Years 1 and 2. Golden Time is a privilege for those children who respect our school rules and individual class rules decided at the beginning of the year.  


Rules are displayed in classrooms and children are often reminded of them. Golden Time takes place during the last half hour on a Friday afternoon and gives each class an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities together.


Activities range from playing on the computers to construction to board games. Children are also offered quieter activities such as colouring and reading.


Rules of Golden Time


Golden Time rules are displayed in classrooms and have been shared with the children. 


The children’s right to Golden Time is based on a warning system. If a child breaks a rule, they are given a warning. If another rule is broken they miss some of their Golden Time. Names of children who are to miss part of Golden Time are recorded by the teacher and removed at the end of the week ready for a fresh start the following week.


Children are also able to earn back their Golden Time. Significantly improved behaviour during the week can result in children earning back their Golden Time. This acts as an incentive for children who have perhaps had a bad start to the week.