A reminder your child should not attend school if they present with any of the following COVID symptoms: HIGH TEMPERATURE, NEW PERSISTENT COUGH OR LOSS OF TASTE OR SENSE OF SMELL .They must not attend school until they have had a negative test result. Thank-you!
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Crawley Green
Infant School

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Who's Who



Mr A Prior- Acting Headteacher

Mrs S Ruck - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs D Brunton - Inclusion Coordinator 

Mrs M Littlewood - School Business Manager



Mrs A Dias - EYFS Leader  

 Miss M McIntosh 

Miss E Belgun


Year 1 

Mrs J Osman

Miss C Collins




Year 2

 Mrs R Willison 

Miss T Parsons  

Miss F Minutolo



Mr H Eddings




Support Staff

Mrs J Begum 

Mrs R Begum

Mrs E Carr

Mrs J Cheshire

Mrs V Collis

Mrs C Conroy  

Mrs S Hanif

Mrs E Hawken 

Mrs P Jones

Mrs S Kashem 

Mrs A Lougher 

Miss A Matthews

Mrs B McCready 

Mrs K Mohammed 

Mrs V Patel 

Ms K Pike

Mrs H Shahbaz

Mrs P Tebbutt 

Mrs D Thayne  


Lead Safeguarding Team

Mrs S Ruck

Mrs Z Moules - Family Worker 




Administration Staff

Mrs H Chapman - Office Staff - Admissions/Attendance

Mr P Marshall - Office Staff - Finance

Miss Docherty - Healthcare Assistant





Midday Supervisors 

Mrs C Conroy

Mrs J Davies

Mrs D Knights

Mrs P Jones

Mrs V Martin

Mrs J Hickson

Miss S Walsh 

Mrs S Chowdhury 

Mrs H Kaur



Kitchen Staff 

Mrs B Francesca - "Fresh n Tasty" Catering Manager 

Mrs J Perrott- Kitchen Manager

Mrs J Sweeney

Mrs D Dolby

Mrs J Davies

Mrs S Walsh


Premises Staff

Mr A Devine - Site Agent

Mrs J Davies 

Mrs J Hickson