A reminder your child should not attend school if they present with any of the following COVID symptoms: HIGH TEMPERATURE, NEW PERSISTENT COUGH OR LOSS OF TASTE OR SENSE OF SMELL .They must not attend school until they have had a negative test result. Thank-you!
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Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Valuing the individual and celebrating achievement

Yellow Class Environmental studies Sep17

Environmental Studies.

Yellow Class, September 2017

Yellow Class have been very busy!

They have raked cut grass off the field for the compost bins – altogether 9 bags full !

Looked at all the insects in the compost bins.

Collected fallen apples for Apple Crumbles which will be eaten on ‘Parents Dinner Day’.

Picked apples for ‘Apple Day’ –using the apple picker.

Some children have enjoyed a fruit game, with a blindfold on and everyone tasted apples.